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Carol Reeve

writer, marketer, mom, wife, daughter, friend, follower of Jesus

In the aftermath of a series of surgical errors (prompting six surgeries in seven months) that nearly took her life, Carol Reeve and her husband experienced his job loss, a large-scale break-in at their home, a car accident that left her with permanent nerve damage, the sinking of their old boat Martha, her parents’ divorce, her brother’s divorce, the severing of two lifelong friendships, and the departure from the church they had moved to Knoxville to start. Loss was at every turn.

Through these trials Carol discovered how to let the pain shape her into more of who God was calling her to be. By learning to let go, she moved beyond survival into a life of deeper faith.

Carol is an award-winning copywriter, has taught Marketing and PR for Johnson University, and has been recognized as a top business and community leader. Carol is the Chief Marketing Strategist for Girl on the Roof, the Business-As-Mission marketing firm she founded in 2009 in Knoxville, Tennessee (now located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) that serves not-for-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses. Her husband, Kevin (an attorney and poet), works alongside her on the Roof, where together they use their decades of professional business experience to advance causes that better the lives of others. 

Their daughter, Ella, plays competitive volleyball and was named "Most Fierce" on her team, much to her parent's delight (because what could be better than a confident, strong teenage girl?). Ella is witty and sentimental like her parents, and she has a beautiful singing voice. She is also passionate about advocating for people who don't have the power to speak for themselves.

The Roof

Why "From the Roof"? The name is an offshoot from Girl on the Roof, which is the Business-As-Mission marketing firm that Carol started in 2009 after a 15-year professional career working for large corporations and ad agencies. She chose the name because she aims to create "messages worth shouting from rooftops" for organizations dedicated to improving the lives of others. 

A few years after starting the company, Carol saw the movie The Lorax in the theater and, much to the embarrassment of Kevin and Ella, she was left sobbing at the end... as in loud, ugly crying until long after the lights came on. Perplexed, Carol turned to her childhood friend and therapist, Kerry, to help her interpret the reaction. Together they processed through pain from her childhood, when Carol felt she had no voice. Kerry said, "You found your voice through force of will, and you have made a career out of speaking for those who haven't found theirs yet. That's where 'Girl on the Roof' comes from. Put another way, you are the Lorax. You speak for the trees." (Thank you, Kerry, and thank you, Dr. Seuss!)

Kevin, Ella, and Carol
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