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A funny thing about stars... They are always there. Around the clock, they are there. We can't see them during the day because the light of the sun overpowers them.

At night, surrounding lights may appear to dim them, and clouds may pass in front of them, blocking them for a time.

But the stars remain, unchanged by the obstacles that block our view of them. Whether we see them or not, the stars are there.

So it is with God.

Multiple times I have awakened my young daughter in the wee hours of the morning with the hope of seeing a meteor shower. Experts say it takes at least 20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to a night sky, and you must be far from the lights of your house, your neighborhood, and the city you call home. That means if you want to see the full glory of a night sky – if you want to get a good, long look at the star lit for you in fulfillment of God’s three promises to Abraham (Genesis 15:5, 22:17, and 26:4) – you must not only be in total darkness, but you must sit in it for a while.

God does not promise that we will see the “good” of his work for us and in us this side of heaven. But I believe we can see more of it if we look for it – not the “good” which brings comfort, but the good which brings us and others nearer to Him. Sometimes that requires us to travel deeply into the darkness and sit in it a while before we can see the light He placed there for us.

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