You have to laugh

Struggles pain healing faith Christian writer Carol Reeve

I've heard of that point that people reach when so many things go wrong for such a long period of time that "you just have to laugh." I've even quoted this, but it wasn't sincere until today.

As a family we are laughing tonight at our bad fortune over the last three years, because the tears are dried up. If my life were a TV show, people would stop watching because it seems implausible that so many bad things could befall the same character. Let's recap: 6 surgeries (one in which the surgeon made a life-threatening error; another which removed an organ that was identified in the radiology report we received 6 months later as being completely fine; and another in which I was dropped in the OR, breaking one of my ribs), chronic infections resulting from above surgeries (one which landed me in the hospital in critical condition for 6 days), my husband's job loss, long-time relationships severed, having to leave the church we moved here to start, being completely cheated by a client amounting to $20k worth of work, a collapsed dock which crushed and sank our boat, and now having our house stripped by thieves. And that's just the stuff I can put online! It's like Party of Five (for you late 90s fans).

For you remaining loyal watchers, if you want to change the channel, I understand. Because it really is simply too much to believe.

BUT... our God is big, He is sovereign, and He is present. We are safe, we are healthy, and we are together. We are also blessed by many friends who have walked this difficult journey with us. You know who you are. You comprise the silver lining in our lives. Thank you! ‪#‎hardtimes ‪#‎godisfaithful

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