Super Tuesday

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I choose substance over bravado. Respect over insults. Solutions over problems. Truth over lies. Reality over false promises. Problem-solving over finger-pointing. Consensus-building over divisiveness. Principles over power. The calm articulation of ideas over the shouting of complaints.

I choose to value character over material wealth. I measure success by the lives a person has improved, not the loopholes he or she has navigated. I want to hear calls of hope instead of calls to fear, because hope takes us forward, and fear takes us back...

Back to a time when women didn't own businesses and girls didn't play sports, when people thought they were superior to others because of the skin color or address of the people who conceived them, through no act or effort of their own. You know, back when people thought the world was flat.

Have politicians let us down? Without a doubt! Is the system broken? Of course! But progress never comes from belittling people. Never.

How you vote is your business; that is true because generations have fought to make and keep it that way. Honor their effort by seeking information. Vote in wisdom, not in anger. Consider the consequences, the power, and the legacy of your vote. Don't just make a statement about the past; cast a vote for the future.

I am Carol Reeve. And I approve this message.

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